Nethui 2016 - In Nelson

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NetHui is a community-based event about the Internet and the people that use it.  

It is developed under the auspices of Internet New Zealand with strong involvement from local communities.   It most often places a keen focus upon the issues of the day affecting those who use and access the Internet, seeking views, participation and involvement from all who may attend.

Nelson has been named as one of three communities across New Zealand that will host NetHui events in 2016.  
The other communities involved in Nethui 2016  are Rotorua and South Auckland.   

Working extensively across the Top of the South, Creative is pleased to be a sponsor of Nethui 2016 in Nelson.

NetHui events are open and inclusive.    Attendees are diverse, and could come from a range of sectors including business owners, education providers, technology providers, regional start-ups and people from the general public who are interested in technology and the way in which the Internet is changing New Zealander’s lives.

Keynote speeches are often topical.  The dialogue and sometimes robust discussion at breakout sessions can be interesting, informative and occassionally downright entertaining.

NetHui Nelson will be held at the Rutherford Hotel on 13 October, and is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

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