Marlborough Moving Towards a Smart and Connected Future

posted Jun 14, 2017, 6:00 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 22, 2017, 11:08 PM ]

Marlborough District Council recently approved it's annual plan for 2017/2018.  Two of the new ‘big ticket’ proposals in this year’s Annual Plan aim to deliver more efficiency and better service to ratepayers by making greater use of today’s digital technologies. The proposals are to

  • Digitise Council’s resource consenting and monitoring systems
  • Assisting rural Marlborough to get better communications connectivity

The Marlborough District Council has led the way in local government in the use of new technology; it was the first council to fully digitise all its property files, making it fast and free for anyone to access information, while its award-winning ‘smartmaps’ and mobile building inspection app have been recognised as clever innovations. Now, it’s proposed that $1.96M be earmarked so Council’s resource consenting process can ‘go digital’ – an efficiency measure to cut down on paper, speed up access to all information during the application process and with the subsequent monitoring of consents; a major advance in information-sharing for the resource consent system.

Council is also taking a lead in helping Marlborough’s rural community improve its cell phone and broadband connectivity. Central government has a nationwide budget to resolve cell phone blackspots and expand rural broadband but it’s not yet known how much of that funding Marlborough will receive. 

An initial pilot study in the Waihopai Valley is being followed by a similar pilot in the Marlborough Sounds and Council is proposing to set aside $2.65M from its Reserves so that it is in a position to continue helping remote rural communities advance this important and much needed activity.